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29 mar

Dude, c’mon!
i dont know wtf u r trying to do!
‘oww look @ me.. plz, im the kind of stupid girl, n i need more attention…
he me is just a player.. n has broken my heart…’
‘owww poor little girl, she’s crying.. now i hate ur ex too…’
he deserves to die! yes! im deserve to die!
No one knows our history better than us. No one will never see this side reflected!
Do u remember? b4 there were walls between us, b4 the anger, took u away from me…
ur lasts words still in my mind, i’ll never forget… still i hear u say you want to end ur life.
Wanna know the big stuff? Y this happened?  I just give to u the chance to prove it to urslf! The same F#$% thing that u do with me, but away from ur circle, cuz i can’t hurt u.. Do u understand?
Here we go, without a faces, showing to all the world our fake spirits.
Look @ the mirror, n repete 3 times when u wake up all days before clean ur teeths:
“Im a dumb, all of abt this is my fault. Should I apologize to myself first? Sure, cuz i have made all of this to myslf. I’ll stop to manipulate my fri8ds right now”.
U can try to explain, or not! oww not 4 me.. ok? 4 me???
MyAss! Nobody knows wth happen, ur liar n u know that!
Show the world who u r.
I can remember my questions in the past.. is something like:
“who’s this dog? and this another here? look here! i found another dog!”.
U’ll never se my face again.. anyway, if u wanna know, i have left it alone.. now im ROTFLMFBAO for all of ur bullshits! Xtay behind me 4 ever!
I dont know how i feel, hate or luv U²³², it depends, sometimes I think I’m crazy; other times I know I’m not.
I dont have a cristal ball,  but dude, if i have it…
Trust me and take my hand, when the lights go out you will understand.
Just, don’t do this again.. any…MORE!!!!1
R u feeling happy? R u feeling happy?
Dos it make u feeling happy now?